Legal Information Regarding DUI Breathalyzer Tests

A breathalyzer is well heard of device which takes an estimated measurement of the blood alcohol content in a person who gives the breathalyzer a breath sample. Breathalyzer tests are used as evidence in criminal prosecutions. If an offender blows too high of a reading on the breathalyzer, this evidence can be used to charge them with a DUI or DWI. However, if the jury of a trial can find reasoning that the test was unreliable an offender’s case can and may be dismissed. This is one of the most important reasons to hire a Criminal Defense lawyer in Long Beach.

A Criminal Defense lawyer in Long Beach can assist in the process of building a strong case for an offender who is facing DUI or DWI charges. Not only can they help in building a strong case but they can also maybe have the offender’s case completely dropped. Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers understand the laws within the state of California, which is what ultimately helps them build their strong cases.

Hiring a Criminal Defense lawyer in Long Beach may also help offenders save a significant amount of money by helping them avoid paying DUI fines, and the lawyer may even help a DUI offender lessen the amount time they have to spend in jail over a DUI charge. It most often occurs that a person facing DUI charges who shows up to their court date with no legal representation tend to be the people who endure the worst consequences.

All DUI offenders should remember that under the attorney/client privilege law their lawyer must keep everything confidential unless they think it could build a strong defense for the offender. Keeping this is mind an offender should always tell their DUI attorney everything that pertains to a case; sometimes offenders believe that if they tell their attorney something it will dampen their case, but sometimes it may be something that establishes whether they can beat the case.

No matter what type of situation a person has found themselves within that involves DUI charges an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer in Long Beach can provide free answers to your legal questions and give sound advice and help them settle their case.

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